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9 Ways to Boost Your E-Shop sales

9 Ways to Boost Your E-Shop sales

Boosting your e-shop sales does not have to take a lot of time and effort. There are some simple tips and tricks to follow, that will not only improve the quality of your website, but also speed it up significantly, and make it more user-friendly. You may benefit from this whether your e-shop is brand new or well established.

8 Tips for great Content on your Website

8 Tips for Great Content on your Website

All web designers know how important content is for a website’s performance in the search engines and for achieving great UX. This is true only as far as certain guidelines are being followed. In other words, many can design a website but only a few will succeed in designing a good website.

Building a Website

We can take your website further

KAnet Web Services helps you with the Webdesign, Web Hosting and the maintenance of your website. Whether it is a new business or one seeking to improve its results, we will do it.

Web hosting for SEO

Web hosting for SEO

The importance of website hosting for SEO has been wrongfully underestimated for quite some time.

Digital marketing

What good is a website if no one can find it? How successful will your business be if your website is hidden from potential customers?

Social Media Advertising

Sharing news and information on your business via Social Media Advertising is essential, so much so that millions are spent each year in this sector of internet marketing.

Search engines listing

Google has dominated the search engines market, gaining nearly 85% of the users, globally. However, there are several other search engines, alternative to Google, allowing more data privacy and security.

Digital Marketing, How to promote your website

How to promote your website

Congratulations! You have created your website. This is a big step to your online presence. But is it enough? Certainly not.