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Google has dominated the search engines market, gaining nearly 85% of the users, globally. However, there are several other search engines, alternative to Google, allowing more data privacy and security.

Take full control of your website, learn more about Search Engines

The most effective method available to generate traffic to your page is to submit it to the resources that people visit when searching for a product or service. Our staff will take on this chore for you and submit and confirm the listing in the perfect combination of resources and will help your company to create a strong customized Internet presence by utilizing all the online efforts for your business reach their maximum potential.

Search engines have dominated the web. They are the intermediate between you and the business. Along with Social Media, they “control” who is visible and who will be lost in the vastness of the World Wide Web. Making sure your website is constructed according to the latest Search Engine demands is an absolute must, if you wish to run a successful business.

A light, fast to load, rich in content and fully responsive website, are the basic 4 rules each search engine requires so that your work is highly appreciated and slowly moves to the first pages of the search results, with as many keywords as possible.

Most commonly used Search Engines

Google has gained the trust of most people who search the web. With often updates to its algorithm, it attempts to ensure that websites which contain adequate information rank higher, so that the viewer gets validated results. Does it succeed? Not always. In fact, although it has announced that non-responsive websites will slowly disappear from its search results, we can still see many of them appear at high ranking positions.

Google alternatives are Bing and Yandex, however, there are many other search engines you can trust for your search.