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The effects of Covid-19 in e-commerce worldwide
The effects of Covid-19 in e-commerce worldwide


Let us discuss how Covid-19 has affected e-commerce statistics worldwide and resulted in a sudden and unprecedented rise of the number of e-shops in various business sectors.

Social distancing and its effects on human behaviour

Almost everyone on the planet has felt the effects of social distancing in more than one ways. No more long hours away from home. We have been forced to stay indoors for long periods, something that most found really hard to handle.

Living in the age of the Internet has helped us greatly in staying in touch with the people we love, with news and information that we previously didn’t care for and, most of all, with our modern habit of compulsive shopping. However, the market was not ready for such an increase in on-line sales.

For centuries, businesses have been relying on P2P sales, firmly believing that it is the best way for a close relationship between the business and the client. That has worked wonderfully so far. This old belief has been heavily challenged in 2020 in an unpredictable way. Businesses without an online presence could not function at all for most of the year and suffered massive economic losses in a short time span.

Is e-commerce the solution for everyone?

Creating an e-shop has never been easier. Many businesses can benefit from online sales and minimize their losses while cutting down standard expenses of the actual shop. Specific education is required in order to be able to cope with the increasing online demand for products and services in order to achieve optimum performance of an e-commerce website (e-shop).

However, e-shops are not the solution for every business. Certain services must and always will rely on a person to person contact. As for the rest, now is the time to move forward and enter the world of Modern Business Practices as soon as possible, before they are consumed by fierce and excessive competition.

Entrepreneurs such as lawyers, accountants and teachers are rushing to cash-in from this blooming method of conducting business. Sadly, most are unaware of how the internet works and end up paying huge amounts for e-shop design and promotion.

How do buyers cope with Coronavirus market changes?

There is no doubt that the new generation is more than capable of dealing with this new way of conducting business and shopping. And they are very happy to do so and stretch its “limits” further.

Older people, however, struggle with the fact that they do not know how to use a computer or a mobile device or, even worse, they do not own a credit card or other online payment gateway. For them, buying anything online is nothing less than a nightmare.

It is the web-designers’ duty to make websites and e-shops as user-friendly as possible, in the hope that they will reach out to an even larger clientele.

Some of the effects of Covid-19 on the market are very unlikely to go away; they are here to stay. That does not mean that the traditional method of shopping will vanish. It does mean, however, that most businesses are now “forced” to consider alternative methods of selling their products and services, without having to actually meet their clients.

Online sales are becoming more and more secure with time. Most businesses and buyers can now be educated on how to stay safe while harvesting all the benefits e-commerce has to offer.

Our role in this new online market

KAnet web services has been helping businesses to have a professional online presence since 1998. Our websites and e-shops are both fast and user-friendly without compromising on web design.

For years we have been educating our customers on how to handle and improve their e-commerce presence.

Recently, we launched a series of online seminars for people who are unfamiliar with the world of internet and online payments. Our intention is to increase internet security for businesses and clients and help the world of online commerce gain more trust.

Clothes, shoes, food, services, furniture, legal advice and so many other sectors can now benefit from this change. The future is here, let us be adequately prepared…