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KAnet Web Services helps you with the Webdesign, Web Hosting and the maintenance of your website. Whether it is a new business or one seeking to improve its results, we will do it.

Cheap providers are… well, cheap… almost in every respect. Poor web hosting results in dragged out problems and slow to resolve issues. That is never good for business. Making a sensible choice results in good web hosting and a great website.

What is web hosting

It is important to know what the purpose of Web Hosting is. A web hosting service provider or web host provides the services and technologies necessary for a website to be seen on the Internet.

It is a service which makes websites accessible over the Internet. A website is hosted accessible anytime and anywhere globally where provider service is available. A website is a group of files. These have to be stored on a server from which they are accessed. Web Hosting provides web space (Bandwidth, Disk Space, RAM, Uptime) to websites by storing their pages on a server. The purpose of web hosting is to provide access to a website over the World Wide Web.

Web hosting is the most important factor in the creation of a website. Reliable, high performing web hosting is essential for successful websites. Web hosting is storage space purchased on a webserver storing the files of a website.

Web hosting elements

There are important elements to consider before selecting a web hosting service to run a website.

Determine hosting needs

Identifying and determining hosting needs is vital to selecting the right web host. Every website has varying needs and requirements. Web host selection depends on the kind of website required. Shared Hosting is sufficient for a personal blog. Dedicated Hosting is an unnecessary cost for a personal blog. Dedicated or Cloud are better for E-commerce or business websites. Upgrading is an option if traffic increases significantly.

Website traffic

Traffic is one of the most important factors which you have to look while purchasing a web hosting service. For Individuals running personal blogs Shared Hosting and VPS Hosting is sufficient. If a website has heavy traffic, a Dedicated Hosting service or Cloud Hosting is a better alternative. These provide far more resources to run a website. In Dedicated or Cloud hosting plans, better uptime and backup facilities are common. Startups and beginners, unsure of whether or not they will have high traffic are best served with Shared Hosting. As website gets higher traffic upgrading to VPS Hosting or Dedicated Hosting is best.

Security issues

Security requirements demand good reputable web hosting. Dedicated Hosting gives better Security than Shared Hosting or VPS Hosting. Numerous websites running on a single server is Shared hosting. They can be prone to hackers or cyber threats which will affect all hosted sites.

Big companies or confidential data on a website demand better security features. Most reputable hosting companies offer free SSL certificates with their hosting plans.

Budget concerns

Shared Hosting is an affordable budget hosting option. It is the most inexpensive and cost-effective hosting designed for beginners and tight finances. Conversely, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting and Cloud Hosting have increased cost but also increased resources and services. High-performance website are best served on those.

Web hosting features

Knowing what you need and want prevents paying too much or getting too little. Bang for buck is in the features.

Bandwidth, Uptime, Storage, and RAM are features and important elements in web hosting. Any website on the internet uses Bandwidth, Uptime, Storage, and RAM. These are also known as web space. They depend on the needs and the requirements of a website. Shared hosting provides limited resources sufficient for a start-up site. Shared hosting for growing websites with high traffic will not be sufficient. VPS, Dedicated and Cloud Hosting provide very supportive web resources.

Technical support

All hosting companies claim to provide round the clock customer support. The truth is far from reality. Thousands of Hosting Providers exist; very few provide prompt customer support and fast problem solving. It is wise to read reviews of candidate web hosting services before contracting to one.

Hosting providers must have good customer support. In fact, a hosting provider should have guaranteed technical support at all times. Most reputable hosting providers offer email, live chat, telephone support and quick resolutions to issues.


The backbone of a website is Web hosting. Good web hosting meets specific requirements.

While sometimes it may seem confusing in this myriad choice of hosting services available. Also once you try different hosting plans and services you will get a hold of it and you will realize with time which hosting is best suited for you.

Do let us know in the comments which hosting service/ plan you are using?