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K.A.net Web Services focuses on the development and promotion of businesses in the World Wide Web. The experience of our team in the design and development of high standard Websites and the effectiveness of strategical marketing, guarantees the successful promotion of your products and services in the web.

Our collaborators are all professional designers and computer engineers, with significant experience in advertising. Through the network of our partners we offer effective solutions to any problem your business might encounter.

Our purpose is the project evaluation and the design and creation of a fast and beautiful website. Depending on your needs and demands, we design graphics, we write documents and we compose image, graphics and text in a way to make your products and services easily accessed by your customers.

Our services are not limited in the design of web pages only. We also provide database, e-mail accounts, secure transactions, video and sound processing, Domain Name Services, promotion of a site and on-line marketing. Even after we host your site to our server, our services include the registration of your site to the major search engines and its continuous presentation through all major Social Media.

Do not hesitate contacting us and see what we can offer to your businness. We will estimate its needs and propose to you the best possible solution.