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Website “lifting”


Reconstruction of old websites to fit all modern standards and requirements.
Do you own an old website that is struggling to keep up with the competition? Nothing to worry about, we work fast and very effectively. Once the full content of the website has been decided, it is only a matter of a few days before our team recreates your website. Our goal is to create a fast, easy to read and navigate and user friendly website that will stand out.

Redirection of all old pages

Our “lifting” service does not stop here. All your old pages will be properly redirected to the relevant new pages, so that your new site immediately gains the power of the old one. From then on, our promotion team will make sure you rank even higher, depending on your goals.

New SEO content according to current requirements

SEO practices change very often and we, at KAnet, make sure that your website always remains up to date. This might include content recreation, new tags, code changes and template updates.

Static to Dynamic websites

A large proportion of websites are still static. This makes it harder to maintain and difficult to change. Turning your static website to dynamic will allow you to make changes as often as you wish and keep its maintenance cost down. Our team can help you with this process. Additionally, we will dedicate a full hour teaching you online how to add information on your own, should you decide to do it. The seminar will be given in the form of online video tutorial for you to access at your own convenience.

Logo design

For businesses that require a total “facelift”, our graphic designers will present the business’s new image on the web and on their professional cards and advertising leaflets.