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6 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting is Important
6 Reasons Why Good Web Hosting is Important


Successful businesses have successful websites at their foundations. Today, you cannot afford to skimp on good website hosting services. You cannot be successful or profitable if you do have a poor website that suffers often downtime.

There are many ways to avoid bad web hosting. A good web hosting for your business focuses on the following principals.

Website load time is vital

Do not accept an amateurish or slow website. Well designed, fast websites offer good user experience overall. This is their first contact with a business. Make sure it is a good one! Badly designed, sluggish websites put off visitors making them impatient and less likely to stay. These increase a website’s “bounce” rates. Well designed, fast websites with good web hosting, convert people to buyers easier. Being pleased with how responsive a site is, makes for a fast and pleasant experience. Fast Load times in a fast world are important.

Website downtime kills interest

Amateurish web hosts mean unavailable or disrupted websites. Hosts need to protect their systems from hackers. This requires professionalism which is unlikely with poor web hosting. Every time sites have downtime, customers are lost, revenue is lost, and most importantly, trust is lost.

Superior security

Enabling Superior security or https means hosting with a secure IP address and good web hosting company. Protected, secure sites are a must where there is sensitive information, especially that of customers. Also commonly known as Secure Socket Layers (SSL), it means is that any information that passes through a website is automatically encrypted, thus hidden from hackers making it more difficult to access sensitive, personal, or private information.

Frequent website backups

A reputable, professional web hosting platform will protect websites because they back up data often. This allows restoring information after an issue or hacker attack with the backed up files. It is secure, common sense and responsible.

Good support is a must!

Poor web domain hosting includes not being properly supported if anything goes wrong. There is a risk of losing information, statistics, search engine rankings, conversions, and business. Good technical support back-ups of your data, knowhow and tools is a must!

SEO & Search engine rankings

When search engines visit to analyze websites and they are down often, rankings are badly affected. Slow sites also contribute to this, ultimately affecting rank on search engines. Invest in professional website hosting platforms, ensuring accurate and improved search engine rankings.

The cost of good website hosting

Budget wise web hosting is available if searched. Different hosting packages are on offer from website hosting companies. Avoid cheap website hosting; it is exactly that… cheap. Determine the requirements of the website, and the type of hosting e.g. My SQL, PHP or (S) FTP etc. the size of the website database, and traffic received. The answers determine the best web hosting for your domain and website. Choices may be a managed dedicated server hosting or a shared hosting package.