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How to launch a successful blog
How to launch a successful blog


Creating a blog, especially a simple one, is no big deal. Nowadays, online youtube tutorials will help you do it in a very short time.

There are so many platforms to choose from with a vast number of beautiful templates offered for free, that even the most inexperienced user can do it with very little struggle. Making it successful, however, is an entirely different issue.

Let us, first of all, define what is a successful blog. Which are the major characteristics that will attract people to it and create a profit for its owner(s)?

A Beautiful Template
Choose a template that is pleasing to the eye and professional. Try to limit your search to include older designers with many and good comments for their work. Regular template updates are also a must.

Good and solid structure
Make your website easy to read, with large enough font size, and a good structure. Easy navigation will keep visitors to your website for longer.

Safe navigation
Make sure that your website is hack-proof. Use all necessary tools and plugins to help your visitors navigate your online business in safety. Make all necessary updates in time.

Good photography
Today’s media demands attractive photos and professional videos. If you are a photographer, it will give you a great advantage over your competition. However, there are several sources from which you can acquire excellent photos at very low prices.

Active Social Media presentation
Create your social media profiles and never cease adding content for your members. This strategy will not only keep your existing members but, in time, give you many more.

Regular and steady content updates
Your website should be “alive”. Keep adding content to it on a regular basis.

Interesting information
All information provided within your website or blog should be relevant to your business. You do want to attract people that are interested in whatever it is you offer.

What you need to know is that success will not come overnight. Some blogs take 2 or more years to take off and provide even the slightest profit to their owners. The fact remains, however, that is the above criteria is met and you do not give it up in despair, there will come a time that you will see money coming to your account. Little at first, a lot more in the process. The vast majority of bloggers start with the best intentions but they soon give it all up. Why? Because they expect success to come too soon.