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Here is a selection of our travel accommodation websites:

naxos sailing
Naxos Sailing Tours
Daily Sailing Tours from Naxos to Paros, Antiparos, Koufonisia, Iraklia and Schinoussa islands with a chartered sailing yacht.
Url: naxossailing.com
elissaios villa
Elissaios Villa, Skopelos
Traditional luxury villa in Skopelos island, just above Skopelos Town, with private pool and breathtaking sea view.
Url: elissaiosvilla.com
ithaki accommodation
Likoudis Villas, Ithaki
Suites with sea view in the traditional village Kioni of Ithaki island in Greece. Salt water swimming pool and breathtaking sea view.
Url: likoudisvillas.gr
naxos rooms
Kapetanos Rooms, Naxos
Spacious rooms in the capital of Naxos island in Cyclades, Greece. Located approximately 70m from the beach of Saint George.
Url: naxos-kapetanos.com
Grispos Villas, Schinoussa
Rooms at Tsigouri beach in Schinoussa island, Greece. Two separate buildings, excellent restaurant and great view of the Aegean Sea.
Url: grisposvillas.com