Web hosting

Virtual server account
The virtual server is for those businesses who wish to maintain a small web presence but still want a powerful Internet presence. With virtual server accounts you will be provided with plenty of storage space for the web pages, files, scripts, that you wish to place on the net.

Controlling your server
You may have full access to your server and administrate it through FTP access 24 hours a day but you donĀ“t have to think about its configuration and maintenance.
You will be able to design your own sites and transfer files as needed. The virtual server provides the look and flexibility of a dedicated server without the high cost of the equipment and bandwidth.

Our webserver packages give you a full and separate IP address for each domain name, in effect your own machine on the net.

Domain name lookup
You must have a domain name - the fee for .com domain name registration is 70$ for two years.We do not get paid for this, you will be billed separately by internic. K.A.net will register your domain name for you either as .com .gr .org .net co.uk. etc. at no extra charge.

If you already have a domain name reserved, K.A.net can transfer your site to an pro-web performance server for you.