Web design

Web pages/sites are the backbone of the World Wide Web. They provide a virtual presence of a firm and its offerings. These pages are what is used to convey information of a company, organisation or person. One objective of all sites is to built a relationship with the consumer ever before the need to purchase the product or service arises. The internet sites represent the future of advertisement and marketing communications.

At K. A. net we will create attractive and orderly web pages/sites that will allow your information get noticed. Our professional service will create professional looking pages to gain the attention needed.

If you have your page already created and just want to use our server for its storage we are ready to cooperate with your company┬┤s advertiser or graphics artist and comply with your wishes. We can provide custom-designed Web pages/sites created to meet your needs.

E-mail us with your page expectations, design ideas, etc. and we will reply to you with a quote.

Page extra features
-Graphics: logos, photos, artwork.
-Forms: form design and placement in one of your pages with results forwarded to your e-mail
-Audio-Video: per quote- all music and videos must be provided by you.