E-mail accounts, E-mail campaigns

E-mail is a very useful business tool. Providing e-mail access to your customers allow them to communicate with your company anytime they want without incurring a long distance charge or waiting on hold. Your company also has the option of answering the most urgent e-mail messages first.You can have an e-mail address for customer support, service, marketing, etc.

You can also have as many aliased e-mail accounts as you want all forwarded to your main account. This way your company gains a more professional look by having e-mail addresses for each individual department.

We, at K.A.net, provide you along with your server space with as many e-mail accounts as you need. We can also manage your e-mail accounts, if you require so.

To boost your sales even further, K.A.net will assist you in forming a successfull e-mail marketting, creating stylish and up tp date e-mail campaigns for your current or future clients. We create mail lists and send newsletters according to your needs.