What is Web Hosting?

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Web hosting

For every website that you create, for every email that you send or receive, for every photo that you save online, space is required to store it. The service that includes the space and the entire infrastructure required to provide it and have your data available online, is called Web Hosting.

Online data are stored in servers. These are custom made computers with special software, connected to fast internet lines for maximum speed.

What makes a Web Hosting good and reliable

What you should ask, before choosing which web hosting provider is right for you, is the following:

  1. Are their servers adequately equipped?
  2. Do they have SSD drives?
  3. Do they provide daily backup?
  4. Are their internet lines fast enough?
  5. Is their support available 24/7?
  6. Do they provide good and on time support?

There is much work to be done before you choose where to host your website(s). Choosing fast and without thorough investigation may result in slow websites, vulnerable to hacking and spamming, often server downtime and unresolved issues due to poor support.